Vacation Mode Policy

Vacation Hold Policy (revised 1/27/2020)

Effective 2020 Vacation Season (formerly Vacation Mode Policy)

BroadStar service(s) are eligible for the BroadStar Vacation Hold policy. (VH). Phone, High-Speed Internet, and/or Cable services can be put on Vacation Hold while customers are away for a minimum of 2 months.​If less than two months, then the resident will be responsible for full payment instead of the VH.

***Please note: Prices below do not include taxes & applicable fees, and that there are no prorated fees in VH.


Qualifications for Vacation Hold

  1. Customers on a 12 month contract plan are NOT ELIGIBLEfor Vacation Hold
  2. All customers must have a Zero balance on their account prior to starting up Vacation Hold.
  3. Auto payment or $100 deposit must be on the account. Confirm that a valid current credit card is on file if auto payment is set up.
  1. Vacation Hold has a minimum requirement of 2 months and a maximum time span of 9 months.

A resident may call in and extend it for another holding period, but they would need to pay the $30 fee for a new hold term.

Vacation Hold Fee​: Price increased to $30.00 effective February 1, 2020.

Residents will be billed a Vacation Hold Fee of $30.00 each time Vacation Hold is activated

Additional Monthly fees during Vacation Hold:


Turn OFF Digital Cable Services - No charge for Digital Cable Services

  1. No fee for the first receiver.
  2. Any Billable Receiver(s) ​$5.00 per month​(Wally, 211, 722, Hopper, Joey)
  3. No fee for cable accessories (voice remote, USB Adapter, hard drive)


Turn off internet and modem service.
Internet Service: ​$5.00 monthly fee

Internet equipment: no charge

3.  PHONE:

Service: ​50% of the monthly bill, ​INCLUDING ALL TAXES.

All taxes will still apply to the invoice.

This fee will allow customers to retain their current number when upon return.

If they disconnect the phone to avoid this charge we will not be able to regain the telephone number. Upon return, canceled phone service will require a $50.00 activation fee for technical installation and a new number will be issued. *(See Disconnection Policy below)*


Bulk Internet Properties - Modems ​STAY ACTIVE

  1. Herons Glen
  2. Esplanade
  3. Seascape
  4. Circle Bay


  1. There is no $30 Vacation Hold fee at Herons Glen.
  2. Vacation policy must remain in effect for 30 days prior to turning their services back on.
  3. There is no limit to the number of vacation requests.

Basic Internet & AT200 Bulk Stay Active

Lightning Internet will be downgraded to Basic, no charge for Basic Internet

Equipment fees:

  1. No fee for the first receiver.
  2. $5.00 per month ​per billable receiver(s): Wally, 211, 722, Hopper, Joey
  3. No fee for cable accessories (voice remote, USB Adapter, hard drive)

Phone Services may be placed on vacation hold for ​$9.88/monthly​plus taxes.
The line will be seasonally suspended and the customer would not have access to any features or to receive any inbound or make any outbound calls while it is on hold.

Turning off Vacation Hold:​There is no charge for restoring BroadStar services.

  1. Request Vacation Hold be removed and service(s) reactivated
  2. By Phone: call BroadStar Customer Service department a week or more prior to activation
  3. On line:
  4. Confirm the type of service(s) to be restored
  6. Verify all Receivers numbers and MAC address (if customer is able to)
  7. Turn service(s) on remotely.


Please inform resident(s) who requests a disconnection in place of vacation hold the following information

This must be told to all residents requesting the disconnection for seasonal service and documented in the ticket.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please record the call and make sure to include detailed notes that the vacation Hold policy has been explained to the resident who is not moving but chooses disconnection in replace of a Vacation Hold.

  1. If the customer returns to the residence within (one calendar year) 12 months of the disconnection there will be a reconnection fee of $50.00 per service being restored and a new activation fee of $50.00.
  2. Example: Disconnect cable and internet request new service within 12 months of disconnect:
    $50 reconnect cable
    $50 reconnect internet
    $50 activation fee
    Total: $150 to reconnect two disconnected services
  3. All Activation/Installation Fees will be applied with the reconnection fees on the first bill they will receive as well as any prorated service charges.